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  • 1 August 2014 |
  • 139 mins.
  • Director:
  • Tate Taylor
  • Cast:
  • Chadwick Boseman | Nelsan Ellis | Dan Aykroyd
  • Description:

    On route to the stage, singer James Brown recalls a life with a turbulent childhood where music was his only constructive release for his passions. A chance demonstration of that in prison led to a new friend who helped get him out and into a musical career. With his fire and creative daring, Brown became a star who defiantly created new possibilities in show business both on and behind the stage in face of racism and conventional thinking. Along the way, James would also become a peacemaker who redefined and raised the African-American community’s feeling of self-worth when it was needed most. However, those same domineering passions would lead James Brown alienating everyone around him as his appetites became ever more self-destructive. Only after he hit rock bottom with a serious mistake does Brown realize what he needs to do make his life as the Godfather of Soul truly worthwhile.

  • 7.0 / 10.397 votes

Get on Up (2014)
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